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Drug and Alcohol Management Program

Tisdall Aviation Group has one overriding ethos that permeates everything we do. Safety First. Safety Always. This is reflected in our attitude towards the management of drugs and alcohol in an aviation safety sensitive environment.

In conjunction with CASA, Tisdall Aviation Group operates a management framework that is documented within our Drug and Alcohol Management Program, or DAMP. Our DAMP is contained within our Company Operations Manual, and forms part of our CASA Air Operator’s Certificate documentation.

Tisdall Aviation Group patrons are welcome to view the Policy statement in-house at any time. We encourage proactive adherence to the rules set out in the DAMP, and also endorse the training and awareness information provided by CASA included in the AviationWork toolbox accessible via the myCASA portal.

As a participating DAMP Organisation, we would be pleased to facilitate your enrolment in the CASA eLearning Program, which provides a Certificate of Completion to affirm your commitment to both personal safety and that of your aviation colleagues. Our students, regular contractors and all who are interested in safer skies are invited to participate. Simply contact Tisdall Aviation Group’s DAMP Supervisor for a free enrolment.

Flight One DAMP Fast Facts

CASA DAMP Contact Centre – Ph 02 6217 1161

Who can be tested at Tisdall Aviation Group? Anyone who is in a position to participate in Safety Sensitive Aviation Activities (SSAA).

What are SSAA’s? – Where individuals are at a registered or certified aerodrome, being on the tarmac or within a hangar (including flying schools) are considered to be a SSAA. Any activity which could directly or indirectly impact on the safety of civil air operations is considered an SSAA, and subject to Tisdall Aviation Group’s DAMP.

How much is too much? For alcohol, 0.02 or greater is an offence. For cocaine, cannabis, opioids and amphetamines, below the relevant confirmatory target concentrations set out in Aus/NZ Standard 4308:2001 and 2006.

Where can I go if I have an issue with Drugs or Alcohol? There are many avenues of assistance available, including organisations like who are ready and willing to help.

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